About us

About Us

Internet Business Solutions (IBS) is a qualified provider of enterprise-quality TYPO3 Website and various shop solution. 

Technical Focus:
  • TYPO3, TypoScript, TYPO3 Extension Development 
  • Barrier-free web solutions [Accessibility] 
  • Search engine optimized programming 
  • On-page and off-page optimization 
  • Source Validated

We are support TYPO3 community in Thailand to share knowledge with

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  3. Follow Us on Twitter
  4. TYPO3 in Thailand Solutions 
  5. TYPO3 in Thailand Blog

In additional, we are offer many TYPO3 Template for free download to use for private and commercial. User who use our solution must keep the license on footer.

Package and Free Template Download

TYPO3 Services Overview

  • Concept Development - solution in short time to show the development process.
  • Design Draft - confirm before start to use for identify your business
  • TYPO3 Installation - help you to install TYPO3 with IBSTV Package
  • TYPO3 Template Development - provide flexible to update design the further
  • Adaptation and development of individual extensions (Extensions)
  • TYPO3 Hosting - various package for your or business budget
  • TYPO3 Content Service - create or update content on your site
  • TYPO3 Support - bug fixing, take care about your site
  • TYPO3 Update Service - core and extension update
  • Search engine optimized TYPO3 programming (SEO programming)
  • Accessible TYPO3 Development - HTML and CSS based on W3C


More TYPO3 Free Template Download

IBS Bangkok offers templates for free download that can be freely used and share, provided the copyright notices remain. The right of use is for private and commercial use. Some products include licensing rights from outside...[more]

IBSTV TYPO3 development package and create fast online website!

IBS would like to invite you to join with TYPO3 CMS.[more]

A brief introduction to TYPO3 version 4.6

The third beta of TYPO3 4.6, scheduled to be released on October 25, was recently made public. This version includes numerous changes, improvements, and innovations, which are documented in the TYPO3 wiki and in the core change...[more]

Internet Business Solutions drop to support for IE6

The last dated that IBS will no longer officially support Internet Explorer 6.When you crated website with many features and it's not worked. It make you lost the time to much to fixed for older browser.[more]

Contact us

Contact Us

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